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Alston Antony

Nov 2, 2020
Great job creating the plugin!
Via Product Hunt Reviews

Ketan Mujumdar

Jan 6, 2021
Best extension ever, really good quality. Saved ton of my time.
Via Google Reviews

Achilles Kyle B. Sebuco

Feb 17, 2021
This is actually cool!!!
Via Google Reviews


Feb 22, 2021
ITS AMAZING. Its work like they say!
Via Google Reviews

Seamless powerful features

Raise hand

Press and release the letter "H"

Automate your actions

Automate your daily actions right from Google Calendar

Local recording

Record and save your meeting on the local computer

Instant meeting

One click to start an instant meeting

Mute microphone

Mute microphone when start or join a meeting, or turn on/off during a meeting

Turn off camera

No video when start or join a meeting, or turn on/off during a meeting

Auto Join

Skip the pre-meeting screen


Press and release SPACE key to turn mic On/Off

Chat history

Download chat history

Meeting attendees

Download participants list


Caption: Turn the closed caption On or Off when joining a meeting

Meeting link to clipboard

Copy meeting link to clipboard when start or join a meeting


Full-screen mode

Enter full screen when starting or joining a new meeting

Connection badge

Internet connection status badge


Picture-in-Picture to watch videos while using other apps when start or join a meeting

Toggle microphone quickly

Context menu, from any tab: Mute/unmute microphone

Toggle camera quickly

Context menu, from any tab: Turn camera on/off quickly

Quick switch

Context menu, from any tab: Switch to meeting tab quickly

Hide Modals and Tooltips

Dismiss add others popup modal

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