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The best Google Chrome Extension for Google Meet. Meet Extension help you stay focused with powerful set of features to have your best video call.

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Seamless powerful features used by 50,000+ active users

Active Speaker

Active speaker in a floating window

Get Focused

Enter full screen when starting or joining a meeting

Meeting link to clipboard

Copy meeting link to clipboard when start or join a meeting

Meeting clock

Hide meeting clock on large screens

Spread the word

Spread the word - Share Google "Meet Extension Link" with meeting with participants

Transparency footer

Transparent bottom meeting bar

Chat history

Download meeting chat history

Compact display

Enable compact meeting interface


Press & release Space bar to-talk

Meeting attendees

Download meeting participants list

Navigation hub

Create Google Calendar event on the fly, and more

Connection badge

Internet connection status


Allows you to watch videos in a floating window

Toggle microphone quickly

Ctrl+Shift+2 Turn microphone on/off quickly from any tab

Toggle camera quickly

Ctrl+Shift+3 Turn camera on/off quickly from any tab

Join request

Auto "Admit" request to join a meeting

My meetings

It works for G Suite users only! otherwise you will redirected to Gmail

Start a meeting

Start a new meeting on the fly (from any tab)

Auto Join

Skip the pre-meeting screen


Turn the closed caption "On" or "Off" when joining a meeting


Mute/Unmute microphone when joining a meeting


Turn camera "Off" or "On" when joining a meeting

Tooltips, Modals

Eliminate and minimize distractions

Quick switch

Ctrl+Shift+1 to quickly jump to meeting tab

And more

Best yet to come..

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