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How to report a problem, bug, issue?

Please make sure to use the following issue template to report a problem or bug:


A concise summary of what the bug/issue is. Report titles start with the core feature issue in brackets at the very beginning of the title.


Device and OS: What type of hardware and operating system the issue occurred on?

Meeting Extension version: Which version number of the extension?

Steps to Reproduce

We number our steps from beginning to end so developers can easily follow through by repeating the same process. We prefer to keep step numbers relatively whittled down by using the “>” symbol.

Example description for steps to reproduce a bug:

1. Go to pre-screen meeting URL

2. Click on extension popup > enable the "Auto join" feature

Get help

Report an issue and file a support ticket in Chrome Web Store

  1. Go to Home > Extensions > Google Meet Extension
  2. Click the "Support" tab
  3. Scroll down and fill the "Contact the developer" form

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