Frequently asked questions

How do I update to the latest Chrome Extension?

Chrome extensions are automatically updated to the latest version. But, sometimes it might delay a few days, however You can force Chrome to update them. Just go to chrome://extensions and hit the "Reload this page" or you can enable Developer Mode. After enabling, you'll see an option to update all extensions.

Which browsers work with Meet Extension?

At present, our extension is only certified to work correctly with Google's Chrome browser.

At some point in the future we would like to be able to support additional browsers, including Firefox, Safari, however we do not have an ETA.

How to report a problem, bug, issue?

Report an issue and file a support ticket in Chrome Web Store or by connecting us at

Can't sign in to your Meet Extension Account

If you can't sign in to your Meet Extension Account in Google Chrome Extension, Profile and Account settings. Follow the instructions for help.

Why you were blocked from signing in

You may be blocked from signing in to your Meet Extension Account if

  • You subscribed to a Basic plan and already logged in extension at least once. Unless you log out from any previously signed in account you can not log in to a new/different environments (PC, browser instance) as this is per plan usage limitation. For unlimited usage upgrade to Premium plan
  • You registered and no purchase were made within 24h, your account will be removed automatically and no longer available to sign in.
  • You're trying to sign in to extension and getting "Your account is in "****" status" error message, means that something changed or went wrong with your payment.
Get troubleshooting tips
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome Extension
  • If you're on Basic plan please make sure you're not trying to log in multiple environments (PC, browser instance) at the same time. If that is not the case, see Get help section below.
  • If your account status changed and can't log in to extension, see Get help section below.
Get help

Report an issue and file a support ticket by contacting us at and we will answer you shortly.

Where can I update my payment information?

The Customer Control Panel by our payment provider and partner is the only way to manage your subscriptions and payment information at the moment.

Once your first payment succeeded you should receive an email "Your PLAN_NAME order is complete (#********)"

To access your Customer Control Panel:
  • Email verification: to verify your email address you have to reset your password
  • Login to your Control Panel

Still have a question?

If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQ.

you can always contact us and we will answer you shortly!

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